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The dynamic duo of Dr. Nancy Gold Zimmer and Barbara Black Goldfarb have been the best of friends since the early 1980’s. These two former New Englanders share a passion for making matches that matter and are the founders of Elegant Introductions, an award winning luxury matchmaking service for singles of all ages. Nancy and Barbara are committed to bringing love into the world and with their dating and relationship advice, they have been responsible for countless marriages and long term relationships. They often appear as experts on major new outlets such as ABC, CBS and NBC as well as in national print media. In order to reach a broader audience with their mission and message, they have created this Best Selling book “He Loves Me: The Matchmakers’Guide” which is based upon Dr. Nancy’s 35 years of private practice and the 10 years of matchmaking experience with partner Barbara .

Nancy Gold, Ph.D

Nancy Zimmer, holds a PhD in Psychology from the University of Miami and completed additional training at Harvard University. With 35 years of experience as a relationship coach and matchmaker, Nancy brings with her a unique perspective on what makes relationships flourish and what makes them wither. Nancy has personally counseled thousands of clients on their relationships and mastered the field of relationship psychology—from the universal desires we all hold to the unique challenges faced by only a few. She is a world-renowned expert on dating and mating and is sought out by clients from around the world looking for her advice on how to get from an initial introduction to their happily-ever-after.

Barbara Black Goldfarb, MHA

Barbara Goldfarb holds Bachelors and Masters degrees from Johns Hopkins University, and a Masters degree from the London School of Economics. She serves as the chairperson of several nonprofit boards of directors and sits on the boards of several other organizations. With her worldwide network of philanthropy, she has made thousands of romantic introductions and identified the secrets to identifying which ones will spark and which ones will fizzle. Creating countless introductions, Barbara advises singles on what sparks chemistry from the first glance, coaching them on the style, etiquette, and conversations that will make a lasting first impression. Using her experiences and the thousands of hours of post-date feedback that she has collected, Barbara’s fine-tuned approach has successfully coached and matched hundreds of singles in finding love.

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