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Very informative, entertaining and an easy read. It will help you find love by following a few simple, proven rules. Filled with little tweaks so you’ll win at the “Dating Game”
Eye opening dating tips that will inspire and encourage. Empowering women in life and love
Cheryl Z.
I found this on my new girlfriend’s night stand. Now I understand why she gets me like no one ever has. Every women needs to read this book.
Andrew W.
I read this book cover to cover. Laughed. Learned. And best of all, IT’S WORKING!
Ellie D.
This is the ultimate step by step guide to reentering the dating pool. The book is written in such a warm and inviting way you feel like the authors are standing with you walking you through the process. This is the ultimate compass for navigating a dating world that seems to have a completely new set of rules in the digital age.
Ronni B.
Inspiring, refreshing and fun!
A. James
The dating scene is covered from A to Z. If you read their book from beginning to end, you will certainly be fully prepared to enter the dating scene and well-equipped to find the partner of your dreams. Many, if not most internet dating websites merely send you a list of potential matches, based on what information you provide. This goes many steps further. Their coaching style is detailed, like how to take the best photos, what to wear on your first date, how to flirt and when to get physical. The book is loaded with examples of successful and unsuccessful dating relationships. Many of their stories and a lot of their advice are illustrated with cartoons, which double down on their point. I found that the most valuable and perhaps the most distinctive aspect of this book is that it forces the reader to take a very cold, hard look at herself (yes, it is mostly geared for the female reader). If you or someone you care about is or should be ready to enter the world of dating, rush to buy this book.
Maxine S.
Loved this book! It’s a well written, agile, “how to” guide.
Adriana H.
I read it, applied it, and met “The One”.
Just finished the book! I really loved it! It’s a well written, agile, “how to” guide.
Adriana H.
A crash course for single women. This is a practical, easily readable guide.
Barbara G.
Shelly B
So glad I found this book at exactly the right time in my life. I am a successful and confident woman, however after a long marriage and no experience in today's world of dating I had no idea how to get back in the game. I wasn't even sure I wanted to get back in. Nancy and Barbara's book not only gave me encouragement, but also provided the guide to navigating the world of online dating and having realistic expectations during dating The writing style was fresh and clear and the case studies were relatable and instructive. I definitely recommend this book and thank the authors for their positive outlook and instruction.
Michelle M.

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