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The Art of creating Chemistry

The Art of creating Chemistry… … and we say art because calling it a science would be too easy! Besides, “science” implies measurable results and a systematized technique.  There are
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5 Tips Professional Matchmakers wish you knew about First Dates

Relax and Enjoy Your First Date with These Simple Elite Matchmaker Tips The dreaded First Date. Nowadays, with another date just a swipe away, it seems like the pressures and
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The power of communicating with your heart

When it comes to lasting relationships, do you know what the most important part of a man’s body is? It’s not what you think. It’s his…heart. That’s right – his
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Why instant gratification and relationships don’t go together.

As matchmakers and relationship coaches, we hear horror stories almost daily from our clients who are frustrated with today’s dating apps and online services. There are many reasons for this
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5 simple tips for relieving stress on a date

Stress – that’s a subject that most of us can relate to big time. It seems like we’re all stressed to some extent, but that doesn’t make it easier when
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The most important voice to listen to when you’re dating

When you tell people you’re dating someone, a funny thing happens. You probably start getting lots of advice from your friends and family. Most times, this is a good thing:
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On dates, speak less — and learn more

When I meet with singles, they often tell me that they’re not sure what to say on a first date. I tell them there’s a proven solution for this—one that
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Dating and kids: When should your kids meet your new love?

Here’s a question I often get from divorcees or widows with kids at home: I’m seeing this wonderful man. I think he might be the one. But when should I
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